Sunday, February 08, 2009


"That evening, at sundown, they brought to him all who were sick ..." Mk. 1,32

That we suffer is a truth we can not deny. It is experienced by all from birth until death. Suffering, however, is not in the original intention of God when He created us. He had willed that we all enjoy eternal happiness with Him.

Suffering is a result of sin, man's rebellion against the goodness of God. Evil brings about suffering.

But we can fight evil, and avoid the pain and suffering caused by man's evil deeds. Still, even though we have fought evil, and stood up for what is right and good, suffering remains a part of our lives.

And when in these moments of suffering and pain, we can only open our hearts to our Lord who, though sinless, suffered the pain of the cross. Let our suffering become our crosses. For in the cross, we find salvation. In the cross, we find grace. In the cross, we find the glory of the Suffering Christ.

A cross is a suffering with Christ. A cross is a suffering in faith. A cross is a suffering in trust in God's mercy. A cross is a suffering leading us to sanctity, and eternal salvation.

May God in His mercy remove the pain and suffering we have today. But, let us also pray that when the pain persists and our suffering continues, may we have the grace and the strength to endure it, and with faith, carry the cross we have. In trust, we believe that God will not abandon us; He will give us the necessary strength and the grace to make our cross light, with Him carrying us.