Sunday, April 19, 2009

Danny’s Miracle

Today, the Parish celebrated the Feast of the Divine Mercy. The activities were celebrated in the afternoon: confessions, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction, Mass and blessing of the Divine Mercy images and the procession.

I saw Sis. Lourdes hurrying towards me at the sacristy after the mass. She was clutching an image of the Divine Mercy. She was with Sis. Teresing of Brgy. Bigbiga. A woman and a man who I did not recognize were with them.

Sis. Lourdes was all smiles as she approached me.

Kumusta?” I asked her. I wanted to follow up our mass schedule in their barangay. But before I could do so, she was already saying something. Unceasingly. Sis. Lourdes was usually reserved and quiet.

Father, malagip yo ni Danny?” she asked me.

Of course, I remember Danny. I administered to him the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick last February (2009). Did Danny pass away already?

“Wen,” I told her, waiting for her to say that Danny had passed away.

She then pointed at the man who was standing beside her.

“Ni Danny datoy!” She said.

This is Danny?

I could not believe my eyes. Danny was smiling at me. The woman who was with her, probably her mother, was crying. “Naimbagen ni Danny!” she cried.

Then to remind me, Danny brought out the stampita I gave him when I last visited him two months ago. He had it laminated.

“Gapu ti Divine Mercy, Father!” he told me. It is because of the Divine Mercy!

God’s mercy is unfathomable, gushing forth and covering the whole world! We need only to ask for God’s Mercy. And in asking, put our complete trust in Him!

Danny asked for God’s Mercy! The Lord manifested to him His Mercy!

Awan ti imposible ti Divine Mercy,” Sis. Lourdes reminded me. True, there is nothing impossible with God’s Mercy!

I cried out, “Unbelievable!”

It is not “unbelievable” anymore! In putting his trust in God’s Mercy, Danny’s miracle is a living sign that with God, everything is possible! It is expected! It is believable!


Danny’s miracle!  With Sis. Lourdes (3rd from left) and Sis. Teresing (4th from left)