Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Father, I betted on Jueteng!"

"Father, I betted on Jueteng!"

It was almost too good to be true! I heard the confessions of some parishioners today. The sin that was acknowledged and promised not to do it again brought an unexpected "Thank You, God" from me.

There I was sitting in the confessinal box when this parishioner knelt and said the usual prayers.

"My sins are..."

"I betted on Jueteng!"

I have been in the parish for a little more than three years. This was the first confession that I heard which mentioned that betting on Jueteng was a sin. Although, it came as a surprise to me, it was not unexpected.

The Parish had embarked on a massive anti-Jueteng campaign. This advocacy has three major components: Information Campaign on jueteng. "Walang Tataya!" campaign. Signature Campaign.

Partial signatures that we had gathered were already submitted to the Mayor. It was presented by the many anti-Jueteng advocates of the town, and so many concerned citizens. About five hundred students, young and old people, the parish lay leaders. The letter explicitly mentions that since Jueteng is an illegal activity, then the law which prohibits it should be enforced strictly. The Mayor said he was against jueteng and instructed the Chief of Police to enforce the law.

I am waiting for positive results with hopeful anticipation!

Our catechists and lay leaders have been going around trying to explain the truth about jueteng: it is a vice, a sin, a corrupt and corrupting evil!

Today, somebody confessed, and acknowledged that it is so.