Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Faith Formation for Adult Catholics

Two weeks ago, the Parish began its Adult Catechism program which we called "Faith Formation for Adult Catholics". Last month, the Youth Ministry and the various Basic Ecclesial Communities held an assembly. They discussed the "lights" and the "shadows" of their Catholic life and ministry. They asked some questions and answered some queries. They proposed some programs and discovered new "problems".

There was a felt need to understand and know the BASIC doctrines of the Catholic faith. There was a clamor for a deeper knowledge of what we believe in. There was a burning thirst for the God's Word. A hunger for the teachings of the Church. Which they could value, keep and observe.

Thus, last 8 July 2005, Friday, the Faith Formation Program was established. It is every 6-7 PM.

The response has been overwhelming.

I can only give so much... but with joy and so much hope, and trust in God's loving providence, what is "so little" for man will be filled to the brim by God's grace!