Saturday, July 30, 2011

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time: A

Limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira labat so nalmo da ray disipulo nen Jesus ya pamakan da ed saray limalibon lalaki ya linman ondengel ed si Jesus. Sikato ya inter da ed si Jesus. Manisia ra kasi ya napakan to ra lapud sayan limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira?
Diad gapo anengneng la nasaray disipulo nen Kristo ya dakerakel so totoon tinmonbok ed sikato. Tan sarayan totoo et wala rad kalawakan. Sikara natan so narasan. Aburido larayan disipulo. Say labay da: pasempeten lara ta anggapo kuno so ipakan dad sikara. Marakep ya plano. Praktical ya solusyon
Balet inkuan nen Jesus ed sikara: Sikayo mismo, pakan yo ra!
Kanian, nananap ira na kanen. Limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira labat so nalmo ra. Tan lapud saya a nanlapud too, limanlibon lalaki tan dakerakel ni ran bibii tan ogogaw so akapangan.
Anto so kabaliksan na sayan milagro na Katawan.
Unaan, amin ya nakaukolan tayo et naalmo tayod say Katawan. Say Dios tayo et
Dios ya mamapano na kakulangan tayo. Mabunlok so Dios. Kabat na Dios no anto so twan nakakukolan tayo, tan lapud panangasi tan pananagro tod sikatayo, agto itayo sarag ya paulyan. Saya so inpanengneng na Katawan nen anengneng ton naknaksawan tan narasan laray totoo. Pinakan to ra.
Kumadwa, panon so inpamakan na Katawan? Say instrumento na grasya na Dios et say too lan lamang. Pian napakan na Katawan iray limanlibon too, nepeg ya walay iyawat na too ed say Katawan. Para say Dios, no antokaman so iter tan ibagat ed say Dios, awaten na Dios, no saya et inter a mabalos. Anggaman no maminsan et melmelagen tayo iya. A singa “limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira” labat.
Say importante ya agtayo lingwanan: sayan grasya a manlalapud Dios so ag onbulaslas no say too et isiblet to so dili to, odino sayan totoo et anggapo so gawaen to. No anggapo so iter tayo ed Dios, obulaslas kasi so walad sikatayo?

Kumatlo, no mabunlok tayon mangiter ed say Dios, agnasukat tan ag nabilang so naawat tayo a manlapud say Dios. If we give as he has given, we will receive more than we can imagine.

Say kera ya atipon na saray disipulo to, a nanlapud samya “limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira” et: labindwan tiklis! No anggapo so takot tayon mangiter ed say Dios, dakel tan ag-nasukat so ompawil ed sikatayo. A singa labindwan tiklis a tinapay!

Dway simba la so apalabas nen in-launch tayo so “Mission: 143+44. Magmaliw iyan fruitful ya fund raising project tayo no ekalen tayo so takot tayon anggapo so natilak para sikatayo tayo ed say Simbaan, anggaman saya et aliling toy “limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira”. Say takot et kabaliksan toy anggapo so panagmatalek tayo ed say Dios. Say takot ingen so manesebel ed sikatayo ya mangiter, no inget manatangoyor ed sikatwayo ya  iyamot, isinop tan agla iter ed say Dios so amta tayon “limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira” ya walad sikatayo.

Nunot yo labat: no samay too ya angawatan na saray dispulo na sayan “limaran tinapay tan dwaran sira” et imbes ya in-donate to ed sikara, et inyamot to, insinop to. Inkotkot to lapud natatakot ya no iter to, sikatao so naupotan na kanen? Wala kasi so labindwan tiklis ya tinapay so akera?

Agagik ira, say Dios mabunlok a Dios. Aliwan masiblet. Ilaloan tayo ya kasumpal na apat bulan, say “Mission:143+44” et naipalagey tayo la so marakep tan baleg ya retablo tayo. Balet, ag iya nagawa tan nasumpal, no wala ni tan baleg so takot tayo et sikatayo so naupotan tan naandian no walay ipikabiangan tayo ed sayan mission. Ed sayan simba, walay assurance tayo: say Dios aliwan masiblet. Tan agpatalo ed inkabonlok to. . If we give as he has given, we will receive more than we can imagine.

Ontan la komon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflection on the Priesthood: Fr. Dexter’s Thanksgiving Mass

Metropolitan Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist – 25 July 2011.  Masantos ya ngarem ed sikayo. At this very hour, probably the President is addressing the Filipino people to present the State of the Nation. This is not to preempt that address, but allow me to reflect with you the state of the priesthood today. SOPA. State of the Priesthood Address. The priesthood that Fr. Dexter has embraced and accepted in a solemn ordination rites this morning.

07252011125If you go by the news headlines, radio commentaries and opinions, it seems that Fr. Dexter may have made a bad decision in becoming a priest today. I need not enumerate the all the adjectives and adverbs that the tripartite media uses in trying to portray the Catholic priesthood and its ministry, but you would not miss these words, “predators”, “luxurious”, “irrelevant”, “without credibility, “materialistic”, ”out moded”, “traditional”, “out of contact”.

But this is the world we are in today; this is the world you are going to live your priesthood and die as a priest, Fr. Dexter. Even then, I still say, “Carry on. Agka natatakot”.

Because whatever words the world is describing the priesthood today, there are truthful words that we know, that the Catholic Church teaches and that words of our Lord that tell us what the true Catholic priesthood is. This is who you are, and you ought to be and you will be, Fr. Dexter.

Father Soc has shared so many reflections about the priest as an alter Christus, as a Eucharistic and a Marian person as well as the need for a praying priest in our midst. Nevertheless, allow me to share with you some of my reflections, and risk the danger of repeating what Father Soc has so many times reflected with us. After all, repetition can be a virtue, according to me.

Priest: An Ecclesial Person

07252011121Fr. Dexter, you are an Ecclesial Person. A Man of the Church. You are one who walks with the Church. Not running away from, not outside of, but with the Church. So that anyone who would like to meet Christ, would meet him through you, as you walk with the Church. Belonging to the Church, listen to the Church, walk with the church, talk with the Church is the full-time commitment for a priest. Ecclesial Person is your self-identity.

Anto so ligliwam tan liket mo? Your joy and happiness as a priest flows from knowing that your ministry has vivified, nourished the faith and the life of the people. Your sadness comes from knowing that the Church whom you are called to serve as a pastor has been hurt and could be wounded by you, the shepherd of your flock. That is why, there is pain and sadness expressed by our bishops in their pastoral statement lately to us, the Church: “As shepherds struggling to love you like Jesus the Good Shepherd, we are sorry for the pain and sadness that these events have brought upon 07252011124you.” They are speaking as shepherds whose love for the Church has made them feel the pain because of the sadness that is emanating from the people of God. Their main concern is for the good of the Church; in their hearts is the heart of the Church. This is how we are as priests: not for ourselves, but for the Church that we become priests of God. Fr. Dexter: Work for the good of the Church; enrich the Church with your prayers and faithful service and ministry. For we may have forgotten: brcause so many times, we have enriched ourselves at the expense of the Church.

Priest: A Man for Others

As an ecclesial person, do not forget that you too are a Man for others. A priest is ordained as a man for others. As a man of Mercy and compassion, you are truly a man for others in the broken world of ours.

Competition is the principle of the word today. Profit is its slogan. It is here that the Priest a man for others, man with a message of God, man with a mission of Jesus Christ becomes important in the world of the Poor. Gospel of Sharing, Gospel of Solidarity, Gospel of Mercy and compassion is still meaningful gospel to our people, the majority are poor, living in the far flung mountain barangays of Inmalog and Gomot, San Fabian, in unreachable Villanueva, Bautista, beyond the high the seas of Calmay. Priestly service as a man for others is still very valid, it is not outdated, and it will never be outdated even till the end of the world. Your continued availability for them is your slogan.

Priest: A Wounded Healer

07252011127In your desire to carry out your priestly ministry, a newly ordained priest would think he is Superman, an X-man, a Transformer, like Optimus Prime: Man you are, but not a superman. For you can be tempted; you can fall and sin; you can be wounded. Do not lose hope for the pains and wounds you may envounter in your ministry. They will become the wounds needed in your ministry. They will help you understand the Church. They will provide you the strenght to carry your cross. They will open your heart to the cries of the people, to listen to them, cry and laugh with them. As you allow them to cry and laugh with you because Fr. Dexter, you are a Wounded Healer.

Lacordaire describes the priest the wounded healer thus: "To live in the midst of the world, without wishing its pleasures; to be a member of every family, yet belonging to none; to share all sufferings, to penetrate all secrets, to heal all wounds, to go from man to God, and to offer him their prayers, to return from God to man, to bring pardon and Joy, My God, what a life! And it is yours, O priest of Jesus Christ!"

You'll really never know the strength and reality of your faith and your priesthood until you experience difficulty in your priestly life and ministry, when you have been wounded as you heal the people you are with. But the grace of God will uplift you, and strengthen you as you heal, even as you are wounded. The world needs priest with a compassionate look of the Good Shepherd. Another name for God is Mercy and compassion. Priest as a wounded healer can be the authentic face the wounded humanity of today is eager to gaze at.

Trust in God. He allows circumstances to develop around your life to give your faith opportunity to be proven. Temptations are part of our humanity, and our spiritual life. It is only when we are tested in battle that we become skilled warriors. You can be confident God will allow trials to come your way. These battles are sent our way to test what we know in the mind in order that they might become part of our heart.

Temptations are hard to overcome but do not give up. The runner sometimes stumbles. Learn from falls and grow through the experience. There are more than 60 priests, three bishops in the Archdiocese who are your brothers. They too have been wounded, but they continue to heal and to minister. Walk with them as you journey with the people.

I would like to end from a quote by Blessed John Paul II: "The world looks to the priest, because it looks to Jesus! No one can see Christ; but everyone sees the priest, and through him they wish to catch a glimpse of the Lord! Immense is the grandeur of the Lord! Immense is the grandeur and dignity of the priest!" (Rome, Italy, October 13, 1979) Fr. Dexter, be that priest!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

17th Sunday A: Pangasinan Reflection

“Diad liket to, inlako ton amin iray kayaryan to, insan pinawil tan sinaliw to may alog.”

Diad sayan istorya na Katawan nipaakar ed samay too ya akalmoy kayamanan ya nikotkot ed sakay a dalin. Say kuan na Katawan, “ Diad liket to, inlako ton amin iray kayaryan to, insan pinawil tan sinaliw to may alog.” Sayan istorya et nipaakar ed say Panarian na Dios, tan no panon yan asankaimportantean ed bilay na sakey ya Kristiano.

Nen nalmo to man ya too so kayaman ed sakey ya dalin ya agto kayaryan, tampol a sinaliw to man a too imay dalin. Pian labat et agla nabalang tan makaarawi iman ya kayamanan ed sikato. Balet pian nasaliw to man ya dalin (tan samay kayamanan), inlako to nin amin so kayaryan to! Amta tayo kasi so kabaliksan na sayan ginawa na too ed bilay to?

Unaan, walay pasimbalo na panagbilay to. Pian labat nagamoran to may kayamanan, nakaukolan toy mansalat na panamaakaran na panagbilay to. Nen inlako to iray kayaryan to, sipaparaan ya manbilay ed inkaraiset. From having so much to being nothing. Sipaparaan ya itbanan iray kaugalian to. No sikato so nanaogip ed anlemek ya dukolan, sinarag to naogip ed datal ya anggapoy kutson tan danganan. Ta lapud inlako ton amin so kayaryan to. No mabetbet ya oonla ed Jolibee, McDo, tan sikato so manluganan, sinarag toy agla manmeryenda. Mangatgat lay agat labat la. No nen saman et manag-sigarilyo, no nan saman et oniinom na sankablin alak odino mabetbet ya mansop-drinks. Manlugan ed kotse. Mabolos ton inekal iraya. Insalat to iraya pian nen inlako to so amin ya kayaryan to. Pian labat, nasaliw to dalin ya akalmoan toy kayamanan. He was willing to give up his comforts in his life, to sacrifice for the sake of the great wealth he found.

Kumadwa, walay pasimbalo na puso, panag-nunot to. Inlako to iramay kayaryan aliwan lapud sikato so napapasuoten tan maermen ya ginawa to. Andi! Unong ed say istorya na Katawan, “ Diad liket to, inlako ton amin iray kayaryan to, insan pinawil tan sinaliw to may alog. Anggaman mairap ya gawaen, ginawa ton maliket iya.  Ta say twa, agylay irap ya itbanan so apasalan lan bilay. Akin et sinarag ton ginawa iya?

Ta lapud abirbir to so twan kayamanan, say kayamanan ya mangiter ed sikato na liket ya anggapoy  mipara. Ag nasukat na anggan kantidad.

Nen in-launch tayo so “Mission: 143+44”, dway simba la so apalabas, say amtak et sakey labat yan fund raising na parokya tayo. Agko ilaloan ya sakey met ya manayan pamasimbalo na panag-bilay tan puso na parokya. Diad panlabay na dakel ya mikasakey ed say poyekto na parokia, wala ray angibaga ed siak: “Father, labay mi so ontulong tan mikasakey. Agmi nagawaan itan no anggapo so salat na panagbilay mi tan saramay nakakaugalian min gagawaen.

“Imbes na man-painom ak, samay isaliw koy alak, et iter ko lad Mission 143+44. Kaibak ya manpaalagey na retablo tayo, Father,” kuanto.

Tan onya met so maong a balita para sikatayo amin ed sayan simba. Say Panarian na Dios so nalmo tayo la. Sikato ya sakey ya kayamanan para sikatayo. Agtayo ya balet nagamoran no anggapo so pansalat na panagbilay – a change of lifestyle. Maliket ya benegan iray sumpalng ed sayan panarian; maliket ya itbanan iray kaugsan pian makaarawi tayod sayan sangkabalgan ya kayamanan ed bilay tayo – say Katawan tan say panarian to.

Gawaen tayon oliran imay toon walad istorya na Katawan: lapud nalmo tayo la so sangkabalgan a kayamanan ed bilay tayo, saragen tayo komon ya itbanan ya amin pian labat walad sikatayo si Kristo tan say panarian to. Ontan pa komon. Amen.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

16th Sunday (A): Pangasinan Reflection

Akin et aabuloyan na Dios so kaugsan? Anto so usar na pakapanyari na Dios no andi ebas so kaugsan tan say kairapan na saray walad kamaungan? Panon tayon talusan so pakapanyari na Dios? Sikato ya kasi et usaren na Katawan pian nadusa iray matatakew tan matitila? Sikato ya kasi so tampol ya usaren na Dios pian naandi lad kapegleyan tayo so amin ya mauges tan manlalames na totoo?

Unong ed say istorya nen Jesus nipaakar ed samay dumaralos ya nansibwag na bokel pian mantanem. Saya balet so sinibwagan na bokel na dika pian naderal so ani to may dumaralos. Labay na saramay aripen na dumaralos ya bagoten dan tampol iramay dika, balet agto labay. Diad panag-ani la pansianen so dika tan pagey. Inaboloy na dumaralos ya nabilay ed saksakey ya dalin iray dika tan saray pagey.

Diad sayan istorya, naalmo tayo so ebat na saray tepet tayo. Unaan, say Dios agto la nakaukolan ya pruwebaen ed dili to ya sikato so Dios. Ta Sikato so Dios ya makapanyari. Balet, say pakapanyari na Dios et ipapaneng-neng to diad agnatukor ya panangasi to tan say panamirdona to. Say Dios et panangasi mismo. Tan say pakapanyari to et naalmo diad panangasi to!

Panon yan talusan? Tua, say Dios et dusaen to met lamlamang iray mauges tan iter to so tumang na saray maong unong ed say panagtoor tayod saray ganggan to. Ta say Dios et matunong met a Dios. He is a just God, too. No agtayo nanaimatonan iraya natan, diad sampot na panaon, diad oras na okum, nasumpal iyan amin! Balet anggad, anggapo ni tan ya panaon, say kinasanto tayo et nepeg ya onbolaslas tan onbiskeg diad mundon apanoy kaugsan tan kasalanan.

Kumatlo, lapud say pakapanyari na Dios et naalmo diad agnatokor ya panangasi to, sirin dakerakel a pankanawnawa tan panaon so iiter na Dios ed sikatayo ran makasalanan ya manpataoli tan manbabawi, ya onkerew ed say panangasi to. Para say Dios, say sankaawetan ya makasalanan so mankaukolan na sankabalgan ya panangasi! The greater the sinner, the greater the mercy of God!

Lapud sayan istorya na Katawan kumon na nanaimatonan tayo so kasalanan, kaugsan, tan saraya et gagawaen na totoon singa sikatayo, say walad puso tayo komon et aliwan say "No kapigan onsabi so dusa tan inkaandi na amin a makasalanan?" balet "No panon ya say makasalanan et makaawat na mapangasin panamerdona na Dios?" Sirin, aliwan say panag-kondena no ingen say pikakasi so nakaukolan tayon amin a makasalanan pian ontan et sikatayo so makapan-pataoli tan ompawil tayo ed say Ama a Dios tayo. No wala sirin so mamapairap, mankokol-kol ed sikayo, manlalabir tan manlalames, agyo ra met kokolkolen, dederalen tan balesan. Balet, idasalan ira pian walad sikara so panag-babawi tan panag-pataoli. Tan diad pandarasal tayod sikara, mapa-abeba tayon akoen ya lapud say panangasi na Dios, sikatayo so wadiad sayan kipapasen tayo. Tan lapud say panangasi na Dios, ag itayo paolyan na Katawan a Dios tayo. Ontan pa komon. Amen.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

15th Sunday A: Pangasinan Reflection

Siopa tan anto so bibirbiren tayo ran successful ya totoo? Samay asumpal to so aral to insan presidente na companya? Samay mayaman la? Samay walad atagey ya posisyon? Anto so sukat o bases ya nibaga tayon say too et "successful" ed bilay to?

Nen saman, angaliw si amak na balon Television. Black and White. Wala ni so baleg tan maelt ya cabinet to. Marakep imay TV. Bali -bali itsura to. Radiola so tatak to. Osilan mi ya lanang ya manbantay na TV. Balet, walay baleg ya problema. Burarog. Makapoy so reception to. Marakep imay TV, singa uran ya lanang balet so nababantayan mi. Kanian, inapiger imay antenna! Ginawan atagey. Inyarap ed Baguio ta diman kuno so panlalapoay transmitter. Tua, linminey. Balet no maragem tan siguro no uran ed Baguio, burarog tan ngalngali anggapo so naala mi ya picture.

Samay TV mi ya makapoy so reception to so aliling to may istorya nen Jesus nipaakar ed samay dumaralos ya nansibwag na bokel ta sikato so mantatanem. Amin ya bokel so dinmapo. Balet, aliwan amin so abilay tan nanbunga. Walaray pigaran naplag ed mabaton dalan, masabit ya pasen tan marakep ya dalin. Amagaan tan inatey ira likud ed saramay walad maong ya dalin. Sikara so binmaleg tan nabunga na dakerakel!

Say salita na Dios so aliling to may bokel ya insibwag ed nanduruman dalin. Sikatayo iraman so dalin. No anton klasen dalin so akaplagan na bokel, ontan la no panon tayon awaten so Salita na Dios ed bilay tayo. Ontan met so aliling na reception na TV. Anggaman marakep imay TV, mandepende ya talaga ed say reception no panon ya kalinew o kaburarog so nabantayan.

No ompawil tayo ed samay onaan ya tepet tayo: "Anto so pakaneng-nengan ya say too et 'successful' ed bilay to?" Say ebat unong ed si Kristo ed samay toon aliling to may dalin ya tinuboan na bokel tan sikato so nanbunga na dakerakel. Odino, samay TV ya marakep so reception to kanian malinew so nababantayan. Sirin, para si Jesus, siopamay na makangel ed say Salita na Dios tan walay sebeg ton ibilay iya, sikato so natawag ya "succesful"!

Say Salita na Dios so anggapoy kakulangan to. Say Salita so nanlapud Dios. Tan sayan Salita na Dios so manaanap na tubuan to. Tan panbungaan to. No sayan bokel et inatey tan amagaan, aliwan lapud walay kakulangan na Dios. Aliwan lapud say Dios so makapoy ya mantanem. Amagaan iyan bokel a salita na Dios lapud walad sikatayo so kakulangan. Sikatayo ran dalin ya agtayo initdan na pankanawnawan onbulaslas tan nabilay ya anggad manbunga iyan bokel ed bilay tayo.

Namamagaan iya lapud napapaulyan tayo. Nalilingwanan tayon salogen . Agtayo aasikasoen. Wala manaya iyan bokel ya intanem na Dios ed sikatayo.

Panon tayo sirin ya napabulaslas iyan Salita na Dios ed bilay tayo? Sayan bokel ya nanaawat tayo ed say panbabasa tayo na biblia o say ibanghilyo? Diad pangawat na saray sakraminto na simbaan? Diad panag-gawa na kimey na panangasi?

Say Dios a Katawan bibirbiren to so kawayangan tayo, odino say freedom tayo. Sayan Dios, anggaman wadtan lan lanang ya mantawag tan isisibwag to so bokel na salita to, et agto itayo pasouten ya dengelen tan awaten iya. Walad sikatayo no panon sirin so reception ya iter tayo. Singa tayo TV. Walad sikatayo lan amin. Walad sikatayo so kakabatan tan panangaro. Nepeg ya paiger tayon sibobolos so antenna na bilay tayo. Malinew so reception tayo kasi ed say Salitay Dios?

Siopa sirin so "successful" ya too? Aliwam kayamanan, aliwan position, aliwan pakapanyari.

Say toon dedengelen tan natalusan to so salitay Dios. Tan sikato so mambunga. a  sanlalasus, wala ray sananemaplo, tan wala met a santatalomplo.

Ontan la komon.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Kumalabin-apat a Simba (A): Pangasinan Reflection

Nen nangasolinaak, minmulagat ak nen aneng-neng ko so presyo na gasoline! “Agay lay irap na bilay!” kuanko. Say kuanton inmebat lalaingen imay gasoline boy: "Mairap so pobre, Father!"

37OrdinarioA14Say labay ton ibaga, ontagey iray sasaliwen. Onirap so bilay. Manbelat lan manbelat so sasakbaten ya kairapan na bilay. Say tua, dakerakel so irap na too. Inagew-agew walan walay kairapan ya aarapen tayo. Problemad pamilya. Diad trabaho. Diad personal na bilay. Agtayo naupotan na kairapan ya mamapabelat na bilay tayo. Kanian no maminsan say mabet-bet ya kuan tayo: "No anggapo labat irayan kairapan na bilay tayo, mainawa tayo la!"

Balet say katwaan ed bilay onya: Kaibay bilay na too so mankimey. Kaibay bilay so sakit. Kaibay bilay so itaken. Kaibay bilay so onakulaw. Kaibay bilay ya sikatayo so nakesawan, naeresan, naapgaan. No maminsan, mapagpaga tayo ed saray arapen na bilay tayo. Agtayo la ontotondan manaaburido. Manpapaga.

No komon, kuan tayo. Anggapo larayan amin.
"Dago kayod siak, amin yon nakekesawan ed panaawit yoy ambelat, ta pampainawaen ta kayo." Sikato yay insipan na Katawan. Para sikatayo ran nanairapan. Nabebelatan. Ngal-ngali lan man-give up!

No sikatayo so walad andokey ya biyahe, ontunda tayo ed RESTaurant. Pasen ya panpainawaan. Panganan pian nawalaan tayo lamet na biskeg ed biyahe tayo. Diad biyahe tayo, onla tayo met et REST rooms. Odino diad saray REST Stops. Diad sarayan pasen, magano tayo labat. Wadman tayo labat anggad sikatayo so makapanpainawa. Agtayo manayam lad man. Agtayo la manayam diad restaurant. Odino diad Rest rooms o comfort rooms. Amta tayo ya kasumpal tayon ondalan ed sarayan pasen, ituloy tayo lalamet so biyahe tayo.

"Dago kayod siak, amin yon nakekesawan ed panaawit yoy ambelat, ta pampainawaen ta kayo." Diad gapoy gapo na biyahe tayo, agtayo lilingwanan komon ya kaiba tayo la so Katawan. Agto itayo papaulyanan. No maminsan balet, si Kristo a Katawan tayo so nalingwanan tayo ya kaiba tayo ed sayan bilay. Agtayo ontatawag ed sikato. Diad arum tayo manaanap na inawa. Nanaekalan tayo no maminsan na talek ed say panangasi tan panangaro na Katawan.

Panon itayon itdan na painawa na Katawan? Diad saray Salita to. Diad saray sakramento na Simbaan, laut la ed say Eukaristia tan say Kompisar. Diad say pikakasakey na ma-Kristianon komunidad tayo. Agtayo ontotondan mandasal. Mitongtong ed say Katawan, ya ag-onsawa ya ondengel ed sikatayo. Naalmo itayoy pakapanpainawaan tayo ed saraya, ammin ya manlalapud si Jesus a Katawan tayo. Anggad nasabi, sikatayo so tuan walad ligliwad kiwawala na Katawan diad panarian to.

Komon, naalmo tayo so biskeg na ilalo tayo ed say panangaro na Katawan. Komon naalmo tayo so inawan iter na panangasi na Katawan ed sikatayo. TA pian ontan, agtayo onsawa ya mangaro ed arum, agtayo la man-give up ya mangiter na panangasi tan mankimey na panangasi ed arum. Pian ontan, diad madibinonn kiwawala na Katawan, naalmo tayo so biskeg na tuan bilay a disipulo nen Kristo.  Ontan la komon.