Thursday, June 01, 2006


The parish church, in almost all the old towns in the Philippines, is located at the very center of the poblacion. Major streets connect to the church grounds and premises. In the same way as the major activities are centered in the church!

It is not surprising that the parish church also attracts all kinds of people. As a haven, of sorts.

There is the old woman who ALWAYS carries a sack with her. Every afternoon without fail at around 4:30 PM, she enters the church, and goes first to the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am not sure what she does there but she usually brings out her hankerchief and wipes it at the feet of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Then she goes to the sanctuary, leaves her slippers just at the foot of the stairs, and proceeds to the back of the sanctuary passing by the side door. Until, I do not know what she does there. But she goes out after a few minutes, sits on the celebrant's chair, and quietly rests for a while.

Then she leaves the church. Until the next day, when she does the same things again.