Friday, May 08, 2009

"What would Jesus want ME to do?"

There was a popular phrase in the the 1990’s and printed in some t-shirts. It is a question that seems to be very simple, and direct to the point. Even for some, probably capturing the whole essence of how one is going to live his Christianity. The phrase is in a question form which goes like this: “What would Jesus do?” Ano ang gagawain kaya ni Jesus? Implying that in a concrete situation, if we ask this question, we are actually doing the will of God in our life. It further implies that if we answer this question, and commit ourselves to acting upon the answer we have found, we can truly change and even transform the world as Jesus would want us to do.

“What would Jesus do?” or rather, since we are His disciples, and His apostles, and we are only His followers obeying His commands and living His Life and Words, a better question would be: “What would Jesus want ME to do?” It is a question that can be answered concretely; it manifests how we are in following Jesus, in becoming His true followers.

We all want to live comfortably, secure in our future. Walang problema. But would Jesus want me to tell a lie, so that I will continue to support a life of ease, comfort? Will Jesus want me to turn my back to a child begging for alms because I presume the child is being used by a syndicate and being exploited by them? Would Jesus want me to forgive a person who has hurt me and my family? What would Jesus want us to do with the many extra possessions we all have?

What would Jesus want met to do amidst the lying, the injustice and poverty caused by corruption in our government? What would Jesus want me to do when people who stand for truth are being jailed, and the thieves and liars, who steal money from the people are the ones out of jail, going where they please, and doing what they want? Will Jesus expect me to be angry? to be outrage? To be courageous and to make a stand for people who are crying for justice?

Truly answering and acting on the answer will not be without cost. Discipleship is costly. Apostleship is costly. Doing what Jesus wants me to do is costly. It can cost you your friends. It can cost you profits for you business. It can cost you your job. It can cost you your freedom, as Jun Lozada is now experiencing.

But it has its rewards which no money, and no power and no position can buy. IT can give us Jesus Christ, and with Him, serenity, peace. And eternal life.

I ask each one of you here present. Even for a week. I ask you while you are at home with your family, or at work. Or enjoying yourselves with your friends. Or just alone by yourself. When faced with a situation that would split your heart and your spirit, ask: What would Jesus want ME to do?
A homily given during the "Misa de Gracia" of the Parish of St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr, at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish, Manaoag, Pangasinan on 7 May 2009.