Saturday, December 04, 2004

Howling Yoyong; Prayer Calms

Typhoon Yoyong exited out of the Philippines, but not after hitting several provinces and towns. It passed through Pangasinan on the night of 2 December, Thursday. The lights went out around 5PM, then went back on again at 7:30PM , before going out at 9:00PM at the height of Yoyong's howling winds!

We prepared for Yoyong's coming: closed all church windows tighly, some were even nailed by Bro. Albay for extra precaution, two of the trees in the garden were given poles for support. These trees were almost uprooted during the last typhoon that hit us. In fact, I bought batteries and charged my cellphone. I was ready, I think.

But I was not ready for the howling winds! Nor at the force of the winds! And the batterings on the convento by Yoyong. I decided to sleep it off -- go to bed early, and hoped that I would sleep through the typhoon's charge.

The clattering sounds of the roof being hit by Yoyong, and the holwing of the winds worried me so much, I could not sleep. I was expecting the roof of the convento to be blown away any moment! And imagined all sorts of bad things happening around.

I turned to God... and prayed.

I prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. At the end, I put everything in God's hand, with full trust and confidence.

"Lord Jesus, I trust in you!", I said. "I leave everything in your hands. I trust in you!"

Everything then became so quiet; I thought the storm had passed.. I then felt so calm, not anymore afraid nor worried. I fell asleep knowing that Typhoon Yoyong has come and gone...

Only when I woke up the next day did I know that Typhoon Yoyong roared its mightiest until 1 AM!

After all is said and done, there is only one who can calm us and give us strength; who alone can provide everything for us: God. His Divine Mercy.